Vastu Tips For Modern Bedroom Interiors

People have always relied on Vaastu Shastra to live a stress free life and this is being practised since ages. Vaastu for bedroom is even important as it provides you great relief from all the worries of the world and allows an individual to excel in life. Most of the things are to be considered while constructing your bedroom like placement of bed, colour scheme, doors, windows, location, electronic gadgets place etc. Here are some of the bedroom Vaastu tips which would help you to make a big difference in your life.

  • To ensure happiness and complete harmony in the house, bedroom should be constructed in the southern direction of house. The bed should be placed in a corner to make the room look bigger and spacious.
  • According to bedroom Vaastu, make sure you keep your head in a way that an occupant sleeps in a position with the head towards the south. Avoid sleeping with your head towards the north side as it might cause night mares and & disturbed sleep.
  • Best suited direction for constructing the master bedroom can be south west. Moreover, other bedrooms can vary with it by constructing them on the eastern or the northern side of the master bedroom. Go for square shaped or rectangular shaped bedrooms as they provide peace and prosperity in the house. Any other shape should be avoided.
  • Any picture, inspiring quote, painting or flowers can be used to put in room as they provide peacefulness and serenity. One should locate these at a place so that the moment one enters the bedroom, the first impression of it could make you do wonders.
  • Vaastu Shastra for bedroom rejects the idea of keeping an aquarium. The reason to it is the belief that if they live there, they will attract material loss. Try to avoid keeping idols of your divine god. They seem very useful if kept in the temple.
  • Make sure you do not place a television in the bedroom as it brings negative energy (Yang Energy). Human beings need positive energy which is Yin energy. In case the TV is still there, it should be covered at night due to avoid the reflection of objects on the TV screen at night. Try to switch off the Television from the mains to avoid any kind of vibrations.
  • If any time both the partners are facing problems with their life or if there is any kind of misunderstanding, one can focus on energizing south west area. Try to use red colour like using a red colour bed sheet over the bed, wearing red clothes, putting up of a symbol of love bird in the bedroom as it would create positive vibes and help in strengthening happy relation between husband & wife.
  • Both husband and wife should take one pillow instead of taking two separate pillows. A picture of Lord Krishna with his beloved Radha can also be placed to improve a relation between them.
  • Try not to put mirror in the Bedroom but if any how it’s already there, it should not be present in front of the Bed. The mirror should be covered at night to stop the reflection of the objects.

Following the mentioned Vaastu tips, one can make cordial relation with the other partner as well and excel peace and harmony at home.