Vastu Shastra For House

Have you built up your new house and have put up every necessary wall hanging, paintings etc to avoid bad vibes and still waiting for happiness to knock your doors. Chances of unhappiness could be that your house is not designed as per Vaastu Shastra which might lead to unhappiness or bad vibes to enter your house easily. Vaastu Shastra for house is a traditional and ancient way to design your house or your office in such a way by placing things in complete coordination with the metaphysical & some physical forces.

If we consider conceptually, Vaastu Shastra is quite similar to the other ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Vaastu Shastra helps in the harmonization of the flow of energy into the atmosphere.

You may consider some of the important Vaastu Shastra tips:-

Land or Plot:

  • There should be more open space in the north and the east as compared to south 7 west sides. It should extend in the form of downward slope, water & depression on surface.
  • Elevated materials should be placed more on the west & south side as compared to the east & north. It should extend in the form of a hill, ridge wall etc.
  • No huge trees, high walls or high buildings should be made on the eastern and northern side of the plot. You can surely try for Rivulets, ponds etc. Trees with good heights suit the western and southern direction.
  • Avoid an electric pole or any tree at the north-eastern corner. Make sure there are no big pits on any side of the plot. When you choose a plot, go for the plot having square shape. If anyhow the shape is rectangular, make sure the length doesn?t exceeds 1.5 times the width. Avoid rounding off the shape of the plot at the corners.
  • If you have roads on the four sides of your plot, your house will be filled with progress and prosperity. Any plot having road to the north or east can be the past portion to have your house on. This would not make a big difference if you have the roads both on the northern and eastern side.
  • Those plots which face towards the south or west are not so good, but that does not lead to complete rejection. Any plot that is located on a road where the road ends blindly, it could suffer from any adverse impact of the forces which are generated by the traffic which operates on the road.
  • Make sure the excavation for the compound wall should start from the north-east and continued till the end of the south-west is reached. Wall should be erected in the reverse order. Southern & Western walls should be made thicker and taller in size and that too on the northern and eastern sides.
  • Underground well or storage tank should be located in the north east zone only but off the diagonal which connects the north east angle with south west angle. You can wish to place a fountain or a waterfall in the north east zone.

Main Entrance Door: – The size of the main entrance door should be larger and impressive than other doors. If your door has a shutter, it should open facing inside the house not outward. Make sure this door should be provided with dual shutters which open to 180 degrees. The steps leading onto the main entrance door should be odd in number.

Bed Room: – Master bed room should be located in the South west corner of the house. If there is more than one floor, then it should be located on the top floor. Children?s room should be located in the north-west or west side and to provide them a better concentration level.

Kitchen: – An ideal place to have a kitchen is southeast corner of a building. One can also think to make it in the west side as well. One should consider these Vaastu home remedies as they can help you in deciding the right position for every element in your home.

Study Room: – The best location to create a study room to make it in north, west, northwest, east, north east direction. These directions provide an attraction to the positive effects of Mercury which increases one?s brain power. Jupiter provides wisdom, Sun makes a person ambitious and Venus makes a person creative and innovative in one?s new ideas and thoughts.

Bathrooms: – Bathrooms & toilets should be designed adjacent to the north-east corner of your house. They should never be constructed in the middle or in the south-western corner of your house.

There are many other Vaastu house plans which one should consider to apply in one?s daily life in order to achieve a level of happiness. These Vaastu tips should be kept in mind before you renovate or plan to buy your new dream house.